Do you feel passionate about the HEALTH and DIET of Animals?

Animal Health

We help you choose your dream career in animal Health and Nutrition.

Which careers deal with animal Health and Nutrition?

This Category looks at all the careers where people work with the health of animals, specifically through direct intervention, such as veterinarians, or through the research and production of medicine.

It also lists all the careers where people work with the research and production of food for animals, such as the kibbles for your pets, as well as the careers that process animal related products for humans to eat, such as meat, eggs, milk and honey.

What can I Learn from each Career?

In-depth knowledge of a specific career is extremely important. Understanding everything about a career, like what will you be doing every day, what are the difficulties you might face, and what do I need to do to prepare for such a career, will all help you to decide on the BEST career for you.

Each career includes information to help you with the following questions:

  • What is the career about
  • What are the daily tasks?
  • Where will I be able to work?
  • Which skills are important?
  • What subjects do I need at School?
  • Where can I study for this career?
  • Which animals will I work with?
  • How can I prepare for the career while still in school?
  • Where can I volunteer for experience?
Number of Careers

List of sub-categories to choose from

Of the 79 careers connected to health, food or nutrition, only those where you are directly involved with the animals are listed on this page. Those where you are indirectly involved (such as those in art, design, news, media and publications) are discussed under their own categories.

Click on the sub-category to access all of the different career profiles.

Health of Pets

18 Career Profiles

Health of Farm Animals

18 Career Profiles

Health of Wildlife

19 Career Profiles

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