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Why was the Community started?

The community addresses the critical issues negatively affecting career choices and job satisfaction, specifically those of children who want to work with animals:

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the world faces an enormous challenge in educating children on career choices. Most countries also fail at being able to assist high school leavers to transition from school to tertiary studies, as well as the transition from education into the labour market.

In their July 2018 global survey, the OECD made this shocking statement:Based on 2015 PISA data, it shows that most 15-year-olds already have career plans (only around 15% of them have not decided what they want to do). But the data shows that today’s teenagers aren’t very imaginative in their choices of careers. Almost one in ten wants to be a medical doctor; one in three cited one of just ten jobs.”

​Almost 80% of the participating children who voted in favour of Veterinary Science could not diversify their choice into any of the other animal related careers.

Without proper career choice education, there is a notable lack of understanding of career diversity.

Our research found that 99% of children who dream of working with animals do not come close to fulfilling their dreams. With over 10 million children (according to online activities) per year showing an interest in working with animals, we have lost many to other careers. But more so, they add to the mounting number of 9–5 workers who realise the importance of following the dreams they had as youngsters.

Besides the lack of proper career guidance, there is also a long list of challenges that impact the ability of children to reach their dream careers. These factors differ according to, among others, gender, ethnicity, demographics, and finance.

The community creates a safe Environment where children can actually find ALL the relevant information, make the right decisions on specific careers, and follow a practical path in preparing towards achieving them.

Our Ideals


To assist children and young students in learning about animal-related career choices and ways to prepare for them.​


To change the way the next generation interacts with animals by educating our children, students, and animal lovers on career opportunities working with animals while fostering a stronger tie between humans, animals, and the environment. This is not just about working with animals; it’s about having a heart for them and the international causes that protect them.


  • To create a collaborative platform where millions of children can make informed choices on which career to follow.
  • To create a powerful educational bridge between high school and tertiary studies to minimise first-year dropouts or failure.
  • To enable children to find alternative career choices to mitigate demographic and financial hurdles, reducing the necessity of student debt.
  • To educate our children on how to use their careers to advance life, not destroy it.
  • To foster an unbreakable bond between our children, animals, and the environment for future prosperity
  • To create a link between students, experts, and animal organisations to gain experience.
  • To further the causes of individuals and organisations that protect our planet.

Our Motto

Our Motto and methodology behind the design and purpose of the platform:
Educate – Inspire – Love

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As the Platform develops, experts in IT, design, marketing and course development will be brought on board to establish a more permanent business model.

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