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We are thrilled to introduce you to an incredible opportunity to collaborate with OZT in designing, empowering, and supporting children as they explore career possibilities. Our website plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of young minds, and we invite you to be a part of this inspiring journey.

One Zoo Tree is a collaborative (crowd and open source) educational platform that provides millions of students, educators, and animal enthusiasts with a 360 degree look at animal careers, what they need to study in preparation, which animals they can work with, and how to gain valuable experience. In addition, it also fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation for the conservation of all species.

The platform is being constructed on the world’s first fully digitised Career Preparation Path (CPP) with mapping software used to compile each unique path. Development provides:

  • With more than 500 Career Profiles to choose from,
  • More than 1000 animal fact files that have been converted into short courses with different levels of knowledge
  • A Community Platform to allow for peer-to-peer interaction as well as direct contact with future tertiary institutions and animal organisations

Why should we Advertise or Sponsor?

The idea of a comprehensive digital career preparation platform for students who want to work with animals is revolutionary, but the cost of bringing the platform to fruition is steep.

We believe that the basic knowledge of careers and pathing should be free, as any costs involved would deprive those less fortunate of reaching their dreams. Visitors and members can use the platform absolutely FREE!

So what does your advertising expenditure or sponsorship do?

It enables faster data mining:

​One Zoo Tree is well on the way to become the leading resource of its kind, with close to 4,000 informative pages and 15,000 Short Courses planned. The mapping software (Artificial Intelligence) that will form the heart of the platform requires complete sets of data, which means that ALL the pages need to be finalised before the software can be designed. Why? Missing data will result in skewed career preparation paths, which is the current problem within career guidance.

With an estimated completion time of 10 hours per page, it will take years to finalise. Most of the time spent on a page is used to research factual and relevant data. Advertising and sponsorship money will allow for the data mining to be outsourced and drastically reduce the completion time.

To create hope:

OZT has designed various initiatives to mine the necessary data, as well as ensure data reliability. One of these initiatives is to outsource the basic data mining to struggling or retired teachers. The initiative will be launched in South Africa, where the unemployment rate is among the highest in the world (currently over 40%). Why teachers? They are best placed to understand and create the educational material required for the path levels, short courses, and study guides.

To be a part of the final product:

A part of each sponsorship will go towards the actual development of the mapping software (Artificial Intelligence). Due to the complexity of the mapping software, it contributes to the majority of the total development cost.

​To play a positive role in educating a generation:

Your decision to be a part of One Zoo Tree will enable us to reach our goal of educating millions of children around the world on the importance of conservation, even if they don’t want to work with animals. We owe it to our children to empower them to make a difference. The success of the OZT Platform will also be replicated in other industries and could change the way our current educational system prepares children to enter a career.

What are the Benefits?

Sponsors will receive exposure to:

Main Target Audience

Our main target audience is children aged 10 to 18 who want to work with animals. Research has shown that close to 50 million children around the world dream of working with animals, but less than 0.1% manage to make that dream a reality. A lack of sufficient information is the main cause of their dramatic move away from their dream careers. The platform will allow children to actively pursue their passions by presenting them with ALL of the information.

Although our main target is learners, close to 45% of our visitors are adults! Adults who want to change careers would rather consult a professional platform that could guide them through the change than rely on common information scattered across the internet. Accurate facts and a smooth transition between careers are important to them.

Educational Partners

To ensure that the data required is factual, relevant, and remains updated, One Zoo Tree is partnering with various industry experts. They are best suited to give direction and advice on preparing for a career, what to expect, and how lateral movement within the industry is possible. The skills data bank that connects to each career will also be outsourced, allowing for an industry leading skills programme.

Educational Institutions

Schools around the world will be able to use the website to prepare, aided by the free study guides and information posters supplied through the OZT Academy. They also have access to digital copies of all the short courses. Our current database consists of over 150,000 schools. In turn, universities will be allowed to deposit their contact and course information, which in turn will be factored into the mapping software.

Animal Organizations

The Experience Programme (being designed for the end of 2024) will be a world first, incorporating current methods of assisting children/students to gain experience working with animals, with a digital logbook, point system, and unique exposure to digital experience. In turn, the participating organisations receive increased exposure, including digital campaigning. Our target for participating animal organisations is 2,500.

Advertising and Sponsorship Options

Our platform offers two options for advertisers and one for sponsors to promote your services while contributing to the betterment of young individuals.

The two advertising options are:

  • Barter by creating a short course in exchange for advertising space. Use content as payment
  • Payment (cash, EFT, credit cards) for specific periods of either 3, 6 or 12 months

The sponsorship option is:

  • Sponsor larger sections within the OZT platform to allow for a greater amount of information and functionality to be reached. A list of the different sections is available in the sponsorship page
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