Careers with Animals

Careers with animals

Do you dream of working with Animals?

This is where your journey starts by following one of the careers with animals!

Choose from a list that includes ALL of the careers with animals

One Zoo Tree is the largest career guidance platform in the world, with a focus on helping you prepare for the career of your dreams.

What makes us even more unique?

We present you with the widest choice in careers, as well as a growing community of interested students, just like you, where you can learn how to prepare for the career you choose.

OK, what should you do first?

Here is a list of the basic path that you can follow through the OZT website while searching and learning about your career.

Use one of the two buttons at the bottom of this Page to search through the more than 500 career profiles

Read through the information on the Career you are interested in. OZT tries to cover as much useful and practical information as possible to help you decide on the Career, or choose something else

If you have found the Career of your dreams, you may also click on the INSTITUTIONS link on that Page to find the right university/ college/ or online educational provider where you can study further.

If you want to learn even more about a Career, as well as how to prepare, you can join the OZT Community. You can join through the REGISTER tab in the top menu, or the button on the Career Page you are interested in. You need to decide on the level you want to join, with children or students encouraged to choose the STUDENTS option.

Once in the Community you will be able to make friends and communicate with other students from all over the world!

Interaction within the Community requires you to join one or more of the hundreds of Groups. Join the specific Group of the Career you are interested in. You will find the necessary links to the Animal Groups within this Career Group.

Complete any of the specific Career or species short courses to help you gain the necessary knowledge. 

The Community also opens up an entire new world for you by allowing you to join Groups belonging to Tertiary Institutions, as well as all of the Animal Organizations where you can go to gain valuable hands-on experience.

So, whether you are a visitor, or a registered member, the first things you want to do, is pick a career that you are interested in.

Search for the perfect career by either choosing the things that you are good at (talents and interests), – or – according to the kinds of animals you want to work with.



Do you have specific interests or talents, such as art, music, building, caring or protecting? Or a place where you want to work, such as a kennel, farm or zoo? Choose a Career based on the THINGS you love doing.



Do you want to work with specific species or groups of animals, such as pets, spiders or lions? Choose a Career based on the ANIMALS you love the most.

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