Reward System

The OZT Reward System

Interact with the Community and earn rewards, all while having fun and preparing for your dream career

Reward System

Types of Rewards

The Community has an active and fun Reward System that includes a combination of points, ranks and badges.


Points are the currency that you earn by interacting with the Community, from visiting different pages, to completing short courses. Points can be used to automatically unlock or purchase other rewards. Your personal points can be found next to your profile picture.


As you interact with the Community and earn points, you progress along a system of 10 different Ranks. Each Rank requires more Points to unlock than the one before. Ranks are opened automatically as you earn points, and can help you achieve special Badges along the way.


Rewards also come with bragging rights, complete with it's own Leaderboard. And as you climb the Leaderboard, you get to complete mini tasks to earn different kinds of Badges. Some of the badges are given to you for free, others will cost you some brain power and time. Try and earn the top Badges!

The Different kinds of Badges

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