Cookies Policy

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a tiny text file that gets stored on a laptop or PC. Cookies are used for various reasons. Some uses of cookies include:

  • Keeping track of what sites users have visited and provide them with targeted advertising.
  • Assist a person shopping online with their shopping cart.
  • To collect visitor traffic so that the site owner can tell where the visitors are coming from.
  • Recall a user’s choice for a specific website.

The law states that website owners need to let the users know they use cookies to retrieve their information. Also, they need to give their visitors a chance to refuse the use of cookies that may interfere with their online privacy. If you stay within the EU, then the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requires websites to use the clickwrap method to obtain your consent to place cookies. This means that you must actively click something (usually a banner or button) to show that you agree or disagree to your data being tracked.  If you stay anywhere else in the world, we just need to notify you of cookies being used.

Well, we cover both, and this is what our Cookies Policy cover:

Kinds of Cookies we use:

Essential – these are cookies or bits of software that make it possible for OZT to keep you logged in as a members, help you interact with the website (such as leaving messages for other members, or make comments on forums). Opting out of cookies could negatively impact on the way you can use OZT.

Performance – these are the most important cookies on OZT, as they keep record of the amount of times you might use the website (logged in or not), and which pages you find interesting. They also help in showing us whether or not you are allowed to earn specific performance related points and badges. Without cookies we will not know whether you may earn anything.

Third Party – these are the cookies used by other websites or services, placed within our software. The most important of these cookies is Google Analytics, which tracks the performance of our website.

Shopping – these cookies help the software remember what you placed in the shopping basket, if and when you want to buy anything, whether it’s membership or items from the shop.

Advertising – these are the cookies that people are the most scared of, as they can be used to give away personal details to companies that advertise on a website. BUT, we don’t do that at OZT. We don’t believe in showing other companies or individuals what we have and who uses our system. Although we do allow advertising and sponsorship on OZT, the only information that they will EVER receive from us, is the amount of people that visit a Page where their advert(s) are placed on. Period! Even though our cookies might track who visited the Pages, advertisers have ZERO right to that information.

Security – these are cookies that actually help us in securing the website, and you, against fraudsters or those that want to corrupt the data of the system. We keep track of such people, and hand their details over to authorities.

Opting in or out

You might have noticed that we already requested you to show your preference regarding cookies, the moment you first visited our website by responding to the pop up banner at the bottom of the site.

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