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What is this Page About?

This page explains to students how to use the OZT tools in deciding on a career and also how to prepare for it through gaining knowledge, learning about valuable skills, and benefiting from peer-to-peer networking.

Why use OZT?

What is OZT?

One Zoo Tree is an online toolbox designed to:

  • assist students who want to find the right animal-related career
  • assist students in preparing for their chosen career
OZT Toolbox

What are all of the available Tools?

Career Profiles

The main objective of OZT is to give students a comprehensive list of animal-related career profiles. We currently have the largest list with over 500 profiles.

Species – Career Categories Links

Lists connecting specific animal groups to career categories are for those who want to search according to the animals they want to work with

Animal Fact Files

OZT has information to help you learn about the species you want to work with, as well as how to work with them. There is information on over 1,000 species. Knowledge is power!

Short Courses

There are thousands of free, non-accredited courses that help you gain knowledge and prepare for a career. Courses come in many categories, such as preparation paths, career-related information, species-related facts, skills, etc

List of Tertiary Institutions

A list of institutions based on their courses to assist you in planning your further studies (if you do want to study further)

List of Bursaries

A list of available bursaries for those who want to study further

Event Calendar

Animal-related events or career fairs (expos) that you can attend (in person or online) to help you learn more about specific careers and species.

List of Vacancies

A list of animal-related vacancies in most of the English-speaking countries to help you gain experience or start your career

Who can use OZT?

The Visitor

OZT is open for visitors to do research on career profiles and gain knowledge through free short courses

The Member

It also has a membership section where members can interact with each other and use even more tools to help prepare for a career


How to use OZT

I don't know where to start!

Choosing the “right” career has never been easy.

If you do not have a specific career or even group of animal-related careers in mind, OZT has compiled free courses that will give you an idea of what you can to do after school.

The courses look at the three main directions – study further, enter the job market, or start your own business.

Click on the “WHAT NEXT?” link below (or the corresponding drop-down link in the top menu) to see all of the courses.

Once you have a more solid idea of what you want to do after high school, you can start your career path by doing the necessary research and preparations.

Do the Research

If you have an idea of which career or category of careers you would like to know more about, then start your research with OZT!

Either search according to the things that inspire you, or the species that you would like to work with.

There are 12 interests categories to choose from

There are 16 groups of species to choose from

The above categories and groups link to the career profiles.

Each of the over 500 profiles contains the basic information you would need to:

  • Understand what a career is all about—the good, the bad, and the ugly!
  • Learn about the requirements that you need to meet to enter the career
  • View an example of a career preparation path (PP) that you can use to guide your steps towards your career goal.
  • Access a specially designed study guide to help keep you on the preparation path
  • Links to some of the other tools, such as a list of tertiary institutions, events, and vacancies within the career category

Prepare your Path

Once you understand more about a specific career, you can decide to prepare for it. 

The various tools to help you on the path can be accessed via the specific career profile, or by visiting the “Member Portal” link in the main menu.

The Visitor

Has access to most of the open source tools. All of the short courses are open, which means that you do not need to register as a member to access their information. Use the Preparation Path and study guide found on the career profile page to find and complete the necessary courses.

The Member

Members have access to ALL of the available tools, plus a few additional benefits, such as a social network where you can make friends, make contact with tertiary institutions and animal organisations, access curated courses, and all while having fun and earning online rewards!

Simple 1,2,3

Remember the steps:

  1. Settle on a career you are interested in and start the research by visiting the career profile(s)
  2. Access the preparation path and study guide on the specific profile page
  3. Use the free short courses to help you gain a better understanding about the career and species

User Guide

The USER GUIDE gives a more detailed description of each of the tools, functions, member Profiles, Groups and Forums within OZT

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