Contributions to the OZT Platform

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The platform makes use of crowdsourcing or expert contributions to populate and grow the information used by students to make informed career decisions.

Contributions to the Careers Platform

The purpose of this platform is not to reinvent information but to merge what is available into a more concise and usable form. We realised that there needs to be a hands-on approach to gathering, sifting, and communicating information, rather than just duplicating what is available online. Our research has shown that even basic information on some careers is contradictory and difficult for younger students to understand. Add this to the already dismal figure of over 70% of students not knowing how to research different careers within a specific market, and we definitely need to rethink what we present to them and how.

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Different Ways to Contribute to the Platform

Open Contributions

Contributions NOT requiring Membership.

You do not have to register to share your story with the students. Just click on the link and answer a few easy questions.😃

My Story

Share your career journey with students by answering 10 questions. Career Stories are added to the matching Career Profiles

Member Contributions

Please remember that only MEMBERS can contribute to the below information. If you would like to add info, please sign up for free.

Add info to Career Profiles, Species Pages or Existing Short Courses


Add information to a Career Profile, Species Page or existing Short Course to ensure it stays relevant and factual (text only)


Subject experts volunteer to mentor students on specific Career or Species Groups by sharing information or answering questions

Add info to resource lists


Members representing Tertiary Institutions may add available courses on the Institutions Board for all visitors to connect


If you represent an Institution or Animal Organization you may add job vacancies to the Platform Job Board


If you represent an Institution or Animal Organization you may add upcoming events to the Platform Calendar


Add information on available bursaries within the animal studies field

Short Courses

Subject experts may apply to add their own Short Courses as Educators/ Instructors (coming Soon)

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