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Welcome to a world of boundless opportunities where passion for animals meets purpose. Our animal-related career guidance website is not just a portal; it’s a gateway to a realm of possibilities that allow you to merge your love for the animal kingdom with a fulfilling profession. Whether you dream of becoming a veterinarian, wildlife conservationist, animal behaviorist, or simply wish to explore a world teeming with diverse career options, we’re here to be your compass. Join us as we embark on a journey to uncover your true calling and help you shape a future that’s as wild and wonderful as the creatures we hold dear. Your adventure begins here.

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Animal law and protection

5 Super Careers Working With Dogs in Law and Enforcement

An overview of some of the important career profiles where people train and handle dogs that serve us in law and enforcement
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Grazing Officer Banner

Career as a Grazing Officer

The main function of a grazing officer is to liaise with land and livestock owners to assist and educate them on proper, effective and legal...
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Career as a Park Ranger

A Park Ranger usually works for Government and is responsible for protecting the plants and animals within a demarcated area.
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Career as a Dog Handler

A Dog Handler teams up with a highly trained dog to protect people and places, as well as detect dangerous things such as explosives and...
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Military Entomologist Banner

Career as a Military Entomologist

A military entomologist uses the knowledge gained on insects to research new infectious diseases and keep military personnel healthy from it
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Game Ranger Banner

Career as a Game Ranger

A game ranger works within a government or privately owned game reserve and is responsible for protecting the animals within the area.
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Career as a Fisheries Officer

A fisheries officer detects and protects freshwater and marine life, and also protects the general public from consuming contaminated fish.
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Career as a Drone Pilot

A drone pilot uses the drones to survey a specific area or animals to assist in conservation, law enforcement, anti-poaching and promoting eco-tourism
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Career as an Anti-poaching Ranger

An anti-poaching ranger is an armed and highly trained individual who regularly patrols a pre-defined area to stop illegal hunting wildlife.
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Career as a Conservation Officer

A conservation officer is charged with protecting natural resources, promoting recreational safety, and enforcing environmental protection regulations
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