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Choose your dream career in working with animals based on your talents or interests, or even the places you would love to work.

By combining your passion for these animals with the things you love doing most, you will be able to choose the best career that suits YOU!

There are 12 different career categories to choose from, each representing a different skill, talent or interest.

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Career Categories

Categories currently available

Care of Animals

Animal Care

56 Careers

Taking care of the daily needs of pets and wild animals, such as feeding them and keeping their surroundings clean

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Animal Health

Animal Health

91 Careers

Looking after the health and diet of animals, as well as the animal products we consume

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Scientific Specialists

Scientific Specialists

82 Careers

Careers that require exceptional knowledge on specific animals

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home office, workstation, office

Animal Business

163 Careers

Starting any kind of business that benefits animals and their owners

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wonderland, tiger, girl

Art & Design

33 Careers

Using artistic talents to create work that reflect and benefit animals, such as paintings, sculptures, graphic designs and much more

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Media, Film, News and Photography

31 Careers

Using various media talents & skills to create material on animals for movies, TV, magazines, websites and photography

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Farming and Livestock Management

Farming & Livestock Management

113 Careers

Working with animals and animal products on farms

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educating people about animals


40 Careers

Educating others about the different facts of animals

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Law and Protection

Law & Protection

28 Careers

Protecting animals and fighting for their rights, as well as using animals to protect people

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Zoos, Aquariums, Theme Parks and Museums

Zoos, Aquariums, Theme Parks & Museums

80 Careers

Work with animals at places of entertainment and education

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Mammals whale

Marine Conservation

77 Careers

Conserving marine species for future generations

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Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Conservation

50 Careers

​Conserving wildlife species for future generations

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