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      Hi new Member!

      What is this Group for?
      This Group allows its Members to learn more about this career while making friends and interacting with each other. We would like to encourage you to interact as much as possible, especially with members from other countries. Regular and open interaction will help you learn about how other countries or cultures work with animals, especially those that you might be working with.

      What are all the TABS for?
      The activity section or wall where you will see the latest updates on what is happening within the Group.
      This is the chat room of the Group. New topics are displayed in green, and you can read the info under a Topic by clicking on its name. You can also easily reply to the topic (or to other replies) just under it. You may also create new Topics if you think you have something important to share and want to start a conversation.
      This is where the Group Admin will share important Word or PDF documents for members to download.
      An archive with all of the online links shared by members on the Home or Activity tab.
      An archive with all of the images shared by members on the Home or Activity tab.
      An archive with all of the YouTube videos shared by members on the Home or Activity tab.
      The place where Admin places important images and videos for members to download. This is not an archive, so the material might be time-sensitive and can be deleted to make space for newer material.
      This Tab shows the events that are connected to this Group. The Group Admin will use this tab to show information, such as what events will take place, where they are being held and when so that you may take part in them if they are in your country.
      A list of all the OZT Members who have joined this Group.
      You are welcome to invite friends to join the Group.
      You never have to worry about missing out on what happens in your Groups. Choose from different options as to how you would like to receive updates.
      This is an Admin-only area where Admin can send messages to all or specific Group members.
      This is an Admin-only area where you can edit the basics of this Group.
      This tab is extremely important if you want to access all the specific Short Courses connected to this Career, or all of the fascinating Animal Fact Files. Earn extra points for completing Courses, and climb to the top of the Leaderboard!

      The rules are not to make participation difficult or take away from the freedom to interact, but they are extremely important to keep all Members safe.
      1. Members are NOT allowed to share personal contact information (such as address or details of family members), other than what is contained under their Profiles.
      2. NO bullying of fellow Members and friends in this Group.
      3. NO use of profanity, swear words or words meant to be racial or against a specific belief.
      4. ABSOLUTELY NO inappropriate photos containing scenes of nudity, extreme violence or animal abuse will be allowed. Trespassers will be banned from OZT and details will be handed over to the authorities.
      5. In Groups belonging to schools, institutions or animal organizations, the ADMIN is king! Members of these Groups must adhere to any additional rules and regulations they might add.

      Member Introduction & Participation
      We encourage new members to participate as much as possible in the Forum. You may start by introducing yourself to the rest of the Group under the INTRODUCE YOURSELF Topic. Tell us who you are, where you are from, what are your interests, music, food etc. Don’t be shy!

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