Functions Guide – What is the blog

User Guide on the OZT Blog

The OZT platform aims to assist with a student’s career path decision and preparation. One of these steps is to share knowledge on careers and species. This is done through Short Courses, or articles in the OZT Blog.

How to use the Blog

You can find all of the articles by visiting the OZT Blog.

  • You can go to the Blog page by clicking on the BLOG link in the top main menu.
  • For those on mobile devices, you can find the main menu by clicking on the top icon with the three horizontal stripes (called a hamburger).

The Blog contains articles, written by the OZT Admin, Community Members, or external contributors.

The articles will contain additional information on specific careers, species or ways to prepare for a career. They may also help to form stronger networks between the authors and members.

Articles can be accessed by clicking on their titles. 

Both members and non-members may contribute articles by following the specific WRITE FOR US link in the footer of this website.