Functions Guide – Job Search

User Guide on how to search for an advertised job

The final step in your career path is to use all of your knowledge and experience to apply for that dream job. Find some of the best advertised right here on OZT.


The jobs advertised on the OZT platform are those available through 3rd parties. You can apply by clicking on the links that they provide.

Search for an advertised job

You can find all of the advertised vacancies by visiting the JOB DIRECTORY.

  • You can go to the directory page by clicking on the JOBS link in the top main menu.
  • For those on mobile devices, you can find the main menu by clicking on the top icon with the three horizontal stripes (called a hamburger).

You can search for vacancies by choosing the right filters to narrow down your search results:


Enter any word that you might want to search on. Most of the adverts will have the name of the career, which could correspond directly to the career you are interested in.


Enter the name of the city and/or country.


Choose vacancies on one or all of the following:

  • Full Time
  • Part Time
  • Intern
  • Volunteer

The job form is available by clicking on the POST A JOB button on the JOBS DIRECTORY.

NB: Only registered members are allowed to post a new job, or by requesting a new posting by contacting ADMIN.

How do I contribute to the OZT Community?


As some of you might be approaching the end of High School, the thought of further studies and the cost therefor will have come up. One of the ways to cover the costs would be to apply for a Bursary. They will range from being partial, where the bursary will cover some of the costs, or full, where the bursary can cover all costs involved.

The Bursary Table or List can be found in two different ways:

  • Through the Main Menu at the top of all Pages:

Menu -> Member Portal -> Bursaries

  • Via your Profile Page:

Resources -> Studies -> Financial Assistance

The Bursary Table page itself includes two sections, the main table or list with all the Bursaries information, and the button or link to CONTRIBUTE new information for other Members.

The Table has 5 columns, with the most important information you need to see the different Bursaries. You can find specific Bursaries in two ways:

  • Use the top SEARCH option, by entering a word you want to search for.
  • Or arrange a specific column to find the information you want, such as wanting to see all the Bursaries in a specific country. On clicking the arrows at the top of a column, it will arrange alphabetically.

Reward System

The Reward System was created to reward Members for participating in the Community. There are different kinds of Rewards, with 


What are Points?

Points are the basic reward that members can earn to unlock other Rewards

How can they be earned?

Points are earned automatically by participating in the Community. As you interact, you earn.


What are Ranks?

Ranks are allocated to Members for reaching Point based milestones. There are 10 Ranks within the Community.

How can they be earned?

Ranks are earned automatically as the Members earn more Points. Each following Rank needs more Points to earn.


What are Badges?

Badges are the visual rewards for doing specific tasks within the Community. There are close to 500 Badges, divided into 3 categories; General Badges, Group Badges, Admin Badges and Quests.

How can they be earned?

Each Badge has a list of specific tasks that need to be completed.

General: Lowest level of tasks

Group Badges: Earned for participating in the specific Group

Admin Badges: Earned by contributing to the information and administration of the Community

Quests: Higher level of tasks, earned by completing tasks within a Group, as well as those associated with the Group

Each of the Badge kind of Rewards has its own Page, where you can find a list of each Badge, and more details on it. As you earn Badges, they will also appear differently on these Pages, and can then also be shared on social media. 

You can find the principle Page discussing the Reward System in more detail. From there you can visit each of the Rewards separately:

Main Menu -> Member Portal -> Reward System