Functions Guide – Groups Page

User Guide on the OZT Groups Page

The OZT groups page is the place where you can find all the different Groups created to help students get together and collectively interact and learn.

How to use the Groups page:

In general, each member does have two sections within their Profiles where the Groups they belong to are shown. This will either be in the GROUPS tab on the left, or in the sidebar on the right. But the main Groups Page shows ALL of the Groups, even those you do not belong to.

You can find the page here.

  • You can go to the Members page by clicking on the GROUPS link in the top main menu, under the MEMBER PORTAL link.
  • For those on mobile devices, you can find the main menu by clicking on the top icon with the three horizontal stripes (called a hamburger).

The page consists of a Group directory, with Group profile cards visible by default, or according to search filters

The filters can be used as follows:

All Groups:

Tab on the left which shows ALL of the Groups within the community.

My Groups:

Tab on the left which only shows the Groups where you already are a member of.

List of Group Categories:

This list consists of links on the left, which correspond to the 12 categories of the careers, the 34 species pages, extra or private groups, tertiary institutions, schools and animal organizations.

Search option:

The search option can be used to type in a Group’s name.

Drop down categories:

A drop down similar to the tabs on the left, containing all of the different categories.

Drop down status:

A drop down on the right with the following options:

  • Last Active
  • Most Members
  • Newly Created
  • Alphabetical

After you have found the Groups through a search, you can join the Group if it is public, or request to join if it is private.

Each Group card consists of the following info:


The Group’s name


Activity status and number of members.


According to one of the known categories.