Functions Guide – Animal Fact Files

User Guide on how to use the Animal Fact Files

The main objective of OZT is to give students the most elaborate and complete career resource so that they can search and learn more about ALL of the animal-related careers there are in the world. One way of achieving this is to share as much information on the animal they will be working with. This is done through the Animal Fact Files.

Animal Fact Files

Members can learn about the species to work with by accessing the Fact Files directly, or through the Career Groups.

  • You can go to the directory page by clicking on the CAREERS DIRECTORY link in the top main menu.
  • For those on mobile devices, you can find the main menu by clicking on the top icon with the three horizontal stripes (called a hamburger).

You can access specific fact files by linking via the Career Group you have joined:

  • Each of the Career Groups has a link to course resources, located as the last tab in the left menu
  • There are 4 course resources for each career, of which one of these resources is a link to all of the species a person will work with in the specific career.


The Animal Facts Files Directory contains 19 categories, each one dealing with a specific kind of animal, ranging from cats to raptors.

Click on the species you will work with to open its Group page.


If you land on this Group for the first time, you can join as a member.

The species Groups are set up the exact way as the career Groups. This means that you can again access all the resources by clicking on the “LINKS” tab in the left menu.


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