Functions Guide – Activity Page

User Guide on the OZT Activity Page

The OZT activity page is like the community notice board where members can see all of the activities that took place within the community.

How to use the Activity page:

In general, each member does have a section within their Profiles where their own activities are captured. These activities, and those of any of the other members, can be found within the Activity page.

You can find the page here.

  • You can go to the Activity page by clicking on the ACTIVITY link in the top main menu, under the MEMBER PORTAL link.
  • For those on mobile devices, you can find the main menu by clicking on the top icon with the three horizontal stripes (called a hamburger).

When you open the Activity page, you will find an updater, which is a section where you can write a message, or add media (photo, video or internet link). This is a duplicate of the updater on your profile.

The second part consists of the member activity sheet. You can view specific activities, based on the following:

  • All members
  • My friends
  • My favourites
  • Mentions (where you were mentioned)

Or, you can use the filters, which allows you to either enter specific keywords of your choice or the left, or designated criteria on the right.

After you have found the specific activities through a search, you can also interact with individual activities.

There are two ways to interact with an activity, very similar to that found on social media platforms:


You can write a comment on the activity


You can mark the activity as a favourite, which helps you find all your favourites through the search filters. This is handy when you have marked several activities which can assist you in your career preparation.

Additional ways to interact with activities will be added in the future.