Benefits for Educators

Benefits to Educators

What is OZT?

The One Zoo Tree Platform is the most comprehensive career preparation tool available, focusing currently on careers in working with animals. The Platform aims to assist the students in choosing a career, as well as in planning and preparing for it.

Students can choose from over 500 careers, network with other students, communicate directly with expert role players, access a calendar of events, job board and list of bursaries, as well as learn about all the animals they will work with.

To ensure maximum exposure to and knowledge retention of careers and animal facts, the Platform incorporates various role players into the community software.

What are "Educators" and what do they do on the Platform?

Educators are subject experts who want to join the Community as individuals, instead of representing an educational institution or animal organization.

It is the opportunity to tap into the vast knowledge of educators, as mentors, on the finer details of each career and animals they dream to work with. Share your story and motivate the younger generation to go out and enjoy the journey!

As an educator, you decide on your own level of interaction.

  • Answer student questions
  • Give advice to make decision making easier
  • Contribute to career, species or course data

What are the Benefits for Educators?

When you join as an Educator, you will be able to access specific tools to interact with others, contribute towards the information, as well as hopefully have a lot of fun.

Create your own Profile

As a member of the Community you will be able to create and update your own Profile.

Access to Toolkit

Gain partial access to the toolkit, which includes the right to post jobs and bursaries. (Access to Group Creation, Events Calendar and Institutions Directory requires a paid level, such as schools, institutions and organizations)

Reward System

Take part in the reward system and earn points and badges, while climbing the ranks.

Contribute as a Mentor

Guide students as mentors in answering questions or contributing to career, species or course pages.

Network with Roleplayers

Network with other Educators, Schools, Tertiary Institutions and Animal Organization.

Share media with Community

Use the onboard media tool to share your photos with the Community

User and Privacy Policies

The One Zoo Tree Platform makes use of community software to allow members to create their own Profiles, join Groups and communicate with each other directly via an onboard messaging system. 

As various laws place restrictions on the minimum age of users without adult consent, the Platform has made the MEMBERSHIP part available for students aged 14 and up

Students 13 and younger still have free access to the open source info, without having to register. However, they MAY register, only with adult permission and supervision. All participating students will be required to read and agree to a strict Terms and Conditions. The document regulates interaction to ensure maximum privacy and security. Students are NOT allowed to share personal information beyond what they add to their Profiles. Educators are requested to help monitor the Forums to ensure compliance.

If you want to join OZT as an Educator, you are obligated by law to read through and agreed to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS when registering. Any violations of the T&Cs will lead to immediate account termination. This will NOT be negotiable, as we value the safety of our users more than the Platform itself!

We are in the process of compiling a comprehensive USER GUIDE under the MEMBER PORTAL in the top menu, which will help you navigate the Platform.

Steps to Join

If you want to join the Platform as an Educator, please keep the following in mind:

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