Benefits for Animal Organizations

Benefits for Animal Organizations

Receive awesome Member only benefits!

Lifetime Access 100% FREE

EARN REWARDS while you interact

Network with students and experts

* Students may use the Platform either as VISITORS, or join the Community within the Platform as MEMBERS.

Why join the Community?

The One Zoo Tree Platform is the most comprehensive career preparation tool available, focusing currently on careers in working with animals. The Platform aims to assist the students in choosing a career, as well as in planning and preparing for it.

Students can choose from over 500 careers, network with other students, communicate directly with expert role players, access a calendar of events, job board and list of bursaries, as well as learn about all the animals they will work with.

To ensure maximum exposure to and knowledge retention of careers and animal facts, the Platform incorporates various role players into the community software.

Animal organizations are the places that work with animals, where students may volunteer, work part time or through online correspondence to help them gain experience.

The organization is represented in this Community by an individual who interacts with the students and other role players on behalf of the organization.

Animal Organizations have special benefits as members.

Animal Organizations

What are the Benefits for Animal Organizations?

When you join as an Organization, you will be able to access specific tools to interact with other members and contribute towards the information.

Create your own Profile

As a member of the Community you will be able to create and interact with members under your own Profile.

Create a Group

Besides having your own profile, you can also create your a Group for your organization with an open Forum and communication tools

Invite Students

Engage students on your Group with various tools, such as direct messages, forum chats to promote your Organization

Access to Toolkit

Gain FULL access to the toolkit, which includes access to creating entries in the Events Calendar, Job Board and List of Bursaries

Share media with Community

Use the onboard media tool to share important documents regarding the institution, as well as any online links, images and videos

Contribute as a Mentor

Guide students as mentors in answering questions or contributing to careers, species or course pages.

Create Personal Short Course

Create your own personal short course as a marketing tool, and keep students engaged on the Group

Network with Roleplayers

Network with other Educators, Schools, Tertiary Institutions and Animal Organization.

Reward System

The Organization representative can take part in the reward system and earn points and badges, while climbing the ranks. Add your own badge to encourage your Group members to participate.

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Benefits for MEMBERS only


Register and create your own personalized Profile.

Member Profile

When you register as a member, you need to create your own Profile, in your own name.

What does your Profile offer you?

  • Personalize your profile with an avatar and background image
  • Show or hide your info
  • Post daily updates on what you are doing
  • See your daily activities within the Community, including rewards
  • Network with students, or make new friends
  • Message your contacts


The Community is protected by various levels of security. Students need to supply only the basic info when registering

Angela Avatar

Don’t want to add or share a real photo as an avatar?

Here is a link to an online app where you can easily create your own cartoon Avatar. When you are done, save it to your PC, and then upload it on OZT to your new Profile.

Link to AvatarMaker


Create a Group for your Organization

Group Profile

Besides interacting on the Platform as an individual, you will also represent your Animal Organization through your Group.

Students can join the Group you created and interact with you as Administrator, and access any material you may add.

What does a Group offer you as an Institution?

  • The ability to communicate directly and collectively with students interested in further studies at your institution
  • Create and manage your own Topics in the Group Forum
  • Add documents, about your work in the content area for your members to download
  • Add links to online articles, videos and images to promote your institution
  • Add a special link to your own OZT short courses (you can create your own courses to help prepare students).


Complete free Short Courses or add new info

Short Courses help students gain much needed knowledge to bridge the gap between High School and further studies, or to start an animal related career/business. They also teach them which career skills are required, as well as facts about the animals they can work with.

There are a lot of special short courses where they may learn things such as surviving in the wilderness or basic controls of flying a helicopter.

When you create your own Group, you may also submit your own course(s), or you may also bundle OZT courses to showcase to your students. A special link on your Group will direct the students to the right courses.


Access or contribute to Resources


Students can access free career resources to help in choosing and preparing for a Career.

You can use these resources to further promote your work or cause. Yes, for FREE!

These resources include:

  • Links to future Events held by Tertiary Institutions, Schools and Animal Organizations. 
  • A list of Bursaries
  • A Job Board with the latest vacancies, including volunteer opportunities and Internships


Earn Rewards

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Aquaponics Farmer Badgee

Members can earn various kinds of rewards by joining and interacting within the Community. Rewards are divided into Ranks, Points, Badges.

For a full list, have a look at the Reward System.

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Rules and User Policy

The One Zoo Tree Platform makes use of community software to allow members to create their own Profiles, join Groups and communicate with each other directly via an onboard messaging system.

As international law places restrictions on the age of users without adult consent, the Platform has made the MEMBERSHIP part available for students aged 14 and up.

Parents take FULL responsibility to supervise members 13 and younger. All students will be required to read and agree to a strict USER POLICY.

We have a very strict USER POLICY and set of operating RULES. These documents, together with operational GUIDES can be found in the MAIN MENU, as well as within the FOOTER towards the bottom of all pages.

If you want to join OZT as a member, you are forced by law to read through the USER POLICY, and agree to it’s terms when registering. Any violation of the USER POLICY and RULES will lead to immediate account termination. This will never be negotiable, as we value the safety of our users more than the Platform itself!

A quick scan through the User Guide within the Member Portal will help you to know how to use the different elements in the Platform.

Steps to Join

If you want to join the Platform as an Organization, please keep the following steps in mind:

Register as a Member to JOIN us!

* Membership remains entirely FREE for as long as you remain a member.

If you terminate your membership, the media and all educational content you added or supplied will still remain to ensure students get the most out of the Platform. Non-subscription will only delete your profile and ALL of your private details.


Frequently Asked Questions

All levels of Membership tacitly or automatically renew after 12 months. Membership can be terminated or closed by following the prompts under the MANAGE tab in your profile.

Groups stay active, even after you have terminated your membership. This is done to avoid the loss of valuable information and material that students can access on the Group. If you do wish to terminate your Group, it can be done under the MANGE tab in the Group menu.

All the Groups on the Platform are automatically open to all members, but you can change the status of your Group under the MANAGE tab to make it Private or even Secret. Members can then only join after you invited them, or requested permission to join. Closed Groups unfortunately wont show up under searches.

We have a strict security policy, which includes locking accounts when we detect a possible breach attempt. Multiple wrong login attempts will cause an account lock, so if you have forgotten your password, rather ask for a new one under the LOGIN page.

You can add links or documents directly to your Group, either through the activity page, or under the MEDIA tab. You may also contribute information to any of the careers, species pages or short courses by clicking on the red beetle on that page, or the CONTRIBUTE TO OZT option at the top menu.

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