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One Zoo Tree is a free collaborative career guidance platform based on crowdsourcing and expert led mentorship.

Why do we have a Mentorship Program?

By being crowdsourced, we allow Pages to grow through direct input by members and experts. This means that our content never becomes obsolete and always offers something new. The world constantly changes, and so does the information that our children require for learning and growth.

In addition, students need to ask questions in making informed career decisions, and this is where mentors, with far superior subject knowledge, are vital.

The functions of volunteer mentors are to assist students by:

  • sharing their knowledge on a career or species
  • answering student questions on a career or species

What is required?

  • Membership Level:

Mentorship is open to all senior community members. This EXCLUDES Students.

  • Number of Mentors:

There is NO limit to the number of Mentors for a Career or Species Group

  • Application:

Complete the attached Mentor Form (below)

  • Connections:

Mentors are added as moderators to the applicable Groups.

  • Input:

Information on a career or animals, and/or advice on preparing for a career

  • Time:

The time spent volunteering depends on the mentor. We are more than grateful for each and every precious second spent with the students


Input by mentors is acknowledged on the specific Career or Species Pages and Groups. 

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