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Top 11 Tips on Animal-related Careers

OZT makes use of a crowdsourcing model through which members (individuals or organisations) may contribute information to open Career Profiles, Species Pages or existing Short Courses.

Why do we use Crowdsourcing?

One Zoo Tree is an initiative to create the world’s first FREE and fully operational career preparation pathing (CPP) platform for students who want to work with animals. Users (visitors and members) can choose from over 500 careers, learn about the animals they will work with (over 1,000 species), connect with tertiary institutions, and gain valuable experience through animal organisations around the world.

Currently, most of the information needed to populate career or species Pages is scattered across the Internet, or sometimes not even available. Of the over 500 base careers on this platform, less than 60% have sufficient information online to be of any use in career guidance. A proper career guidance system is about connecting students with all the information required to make informed decisions.

We also make use of thousands of Short Courses to help students gain the necessary knowledge about a specific career, species, or skill.

Due to the massive scale and scope of the OZT Platform, gathering all of the required information with limited resources would be almost impossible, and that’s why we are calling on experts to assist by contributing information.

How to Contribute?

Membership Level

You must be a community member to contribute. All member types are allowed to submit information

Kinds of Information

Members can submit text-only information to any of the Career or Animal Pages, as well as to existing Short Courses.

We know that not everybody will be able or available to spend time assisting us in this way. We would still love for you to be able to contribute, as and when possible.

Your knowledge, voice, and passion will be of tremendous value in ensuring that the pages and courses remain crowd-sourced and factual. Each page and course pays recognition to experts that partner with us.

We have made contributing easy. Please click on the link below to access the Form.

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