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You have chosen a career to follow and prepare for, now it’s time to learn more about the species (and breeds) you will work with. 

Read about the basic facts and join one of the Insects Groups to learn even more about them, as well as how to work with them, and how to gain experience if you want to work with them. If you are not a member, join us in the OZT Community!

Definition of an Insect

Insects are any of a group of small and often winged animals that have six jointed legs and a body formed of a head, thorax, and abdomen. Also called a bug, creepy-crawly [British, informal], gogga [South Africa, informal].

Basic Facts

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Average Length

0.14 mm to 35.7 cm (0.006 to 14 in)

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Average Weight

Up to 71 g (2.5 oz)


Average Lifespan

a few days to 50 years


Average Offspring

few hundred to 30,000 eggs


Running Speed

Up to 2.5 meters per second

Activity Period Icon

Active Time

Day and Night

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Main Diet

All three: Carnivorous, Herbivorous and Omnivorous, depending on species

Habitat Icon

Distribution & Habitat

Global except in arctic regions - all habitats, except extreme cold

Global Population

Estimated Global Population

10 quintillion

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Conservation Status

Least Concerned to Near Extinct

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Join one of the 9 Insect Groups

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Learn even more about Insects by joining one or more of the seven GROUPS, depending on the kind of insect you want to work with. Click on the names to enter the Group.

  • ^ Beetles
  • ^ Bees, Wasps & Ants
  • ^ True Bugs
  • ^ Flies
  • ^ Butterflies & Moths
  • ^ Crickets, Grasshoppers & Locusts
  • ^ Dragonflies & Damselflies
  • ^ Stick Insects and Mantids
  • ^ Cockroaches and Termites

​​Members of the Groups can access all the different Short Courses, win awards and meet other insect lovers from around the world. Gain experience points with each short course and compete for the top spot on the leader board!

Topics covered in the INSECT GROUPS:

  • ^ General insect knowledge (Anatomy, Habitat, Behaviour, Diet, Ecological Benefits & Conservation)
  • ^ Creative (Including education, art, design, publishing, media, news and photography)
  • ​^ Species (courses on over 100 different species)


This is also the place where you will find links to all of the Animal Organizations that work with insects. Join their special Groups and learn how you can gain valuable experience by volunteering or interning with them.

Species Profiles and Resources

Contributions by expert members are always appreciated to allow the Students to make informed decisions. Please add your contribution through the attached Form:

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List of Species Mentors/Educators who have contributed to the info:


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A few excellent pictures of examples of the species

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