Advertise Option 1

Two Ways to Advertise

Our platform offers two distinct options for advertisers to engage with OZT users and to promote their services while contributing to the betterment of young individuals.

Option 1: Trade Short Courses for Advertising Space

In this mutually beneficial partnership, we invite you to provide  educational content in the form of short courses that align with our mission of helping children discover their career paths while learning.

So, basically, a barter where we offer advertising space for knowledge? YES

Here’s how it works:

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Course Content:

Develop and deposit informative content related to career exploration, skill development, animal facts, or any topic that resonates with our audience. Our Beginner and Advanced Courses are only 10 to 15 minutes in length, so it should be easy and quick to research and compile.

Advertising Space:

In exchange for your valuable content, we offer you prime advertising space on our website (2 Pages). This space includes prominent placement for your brand on the page of your choice (career profile or species page), as well as on the course you created (of course)😁


By offering insightful courses, you not only gain exposure to a highly relevant demographic but also contribute to their educational journey and career decisions. This partnership reflects your commitment to nurturing future talent while showcasing your business.

Layout of Banners

As a premium advertiser, your organisation will be allocated one banner per page. The banner is either placed at the top of the page or in the “sweet spot” to allow for maximum exposure.

Here are the list of Pages again:

  • Career Profile Pages (over 500)
  • Animal Fact File Pages (40)
  • Intro Page of a Short Course created by OZT (over 300)

Remember that those who choose the barter or content option get to place their banner on two pages, as they automatically get to place the banner on the short course they added to the platform.

Banner Dimensions

Average Image size:

728 (w) x 90 (h) pixels

File format:

jpeg or png




Any age appropriate link of your choice

OZT Call to Advertise Banner

Current Rates

Create Course



3 Months


/$30 Per Month

6 Months


/$25 Per Month

12 Months


/$20 Per Month

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